It is estimated that several thousand Muslims live in Lake County, Illinois and
surrounding areas.  As citizens of this great country, it is our civic responsibility to
participate in the political process. A Political Action Committee (PAC) has been formed to mobilize the community.  The name of this state PAC is the Northern Illinois American Muslim Alliance (NIAMA). This organization has been registered as per the laws of the state of Illinois.

Our Goals

  • Unite the Muslim community toward fulfilling its civic responsibility under US constitution
  • Encourage Muslims to assimilate in the political process and encourage them to run for elected offices in Northern Illinois
  • Encourage and support youth for future political leadership
  • Support candidates who exhibit fairness at local and national level

Our Focus

Our focus will be on lake county and surrounding areas. We will concentrate on the
following positions:

  • Illinois Legislatures
  • Governor
  • Departments
  • Local Mayors
  • Municipalities
  • School Boards
  • Park districts and others

Committee :

  • Founder & Chairman : Mr. Vaseem Iftekhar      847-769-6923
  • Founder & Treasurer : Mr. Ans Laman Ahmed  773-593-3697
  • Vice Chairman           : Dr. Amin Nadeem          773-209-3422
  • Board Member           : Dr. Noman Haider
  • Board Member           : Mr. Akrom Husain
  • Board Member           : Mrs. Farah Ahmed
  • Board Member           : Mrs. Nadia Shah
  • Board Member           : Mrs. Farah Laman
  • Board Member           : Mrs. Salma Syed
  • Board Member           : Dr. Foud Amer
  • Board Member           : Mr.  Altaf Hussain